The Future of the GOP

Welcome to the future of the Republican Party. The American conservative movement has needed work for quite some time; we have suffered a series of setbacks and, now more than ever, have a chance to reform ourselves and change for the better. The College Republicans of America welcome the gift of new blood and new ideas so that we may do the best for our country in the twenty-first century and beyond.

History & Mission

We're training the next generation of Republican Leaders.

CRA is a PAC founded in 2023 by former leaders of the California College Republicans (CCR) and the Wisconsin College Republicans (WICR). The organization’s mission is to empower, train, and develop the next generation of Republican leaders. By providing resources, training, networking opportunities, and incentives for students to volunteer in our various initiatives, CRA enables our young Republicans to advocate for conservative principles, support Republican candidates, effect change in our communities, conserve our environment, secure employment, and shape public policy. College Republicans, as partisan actors, are able to campaign for and directly support Republican candidates, unlike non-partisan organizations like Turning Point USA (TPUSA) and Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). Our vision for the conservative movement values prioritizing the needs of the American People, promoting civic nationalism, and adherence to non-interventionism.

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