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Why College Republicans of America?

YAF and Turning Point USA engage in political activism, intellectual engagement, and debate crucial in developing libertarians and moderates into conservatives. However, College Republicans is the final destination for them so that we may further develop students into future Republican leaders with nuanced conservative ideas and values. 

As it stands now, the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), which formerly filled the role of the national federation/organization of the College Republicans, has fallen, sadly, into disrepair. This has led the College Republican federations in California and Wisconsin to create a new coalition–College Republicans of America–to replace the CRNC, and to aid the GOP in cultivating the next generation of Republican activists, staffers, and leaders.

What we are trying to accomplish is revolutionary. Never before has a College Republican organization prioritized community service and professional development as central pillars in its mission. Historically, College Republicans have simply worked on campaigns and organized as a social group. Our goal is to transform College Republicans into an organization that battles on the front lines for our values and changes hearts and minds in communities long abandoned by both political parties.

We hold that the most effective way to revitalize our party is to create a pipeline that supports students through their college experience, trains them in business/campaign skills, and installs them into government and industry. Here's a quick summary of what we are trying to do:

Our Goals


We will subsidize chapter speaker costs, provide both legal and PR assistance, and tabling and recruitment supplies that go beyond basic materials.


We’re working with a 501c4 that specializes in campaign operative training. Donations help us train CR’s in the latest technologies to modernize our Party.


We will host an annual nationwide conventions for college republicans and our affiliates. Other regional events will be put on by our executive committee.


Chapters will receive a handbook that will teach presidents how to advocate for the movement in a nuanced and respectful manner and how to manage their chapter. We will also assist them in their social media and administration needs when requested.


We want College Republicans to be more than a social club. By incentivizing student volunteer work, we can grow our movement and help our communities/environment at the same time. See the campaigns tab for more details.


We aim to make connections at the state and federal level to assist in getting our students hired right out of college. College Republicans is not only about campaigning, it's about personal and professional development too.
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