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We only endorse in state and national level races. For county level elections please contact your local College Republican chapter or state federation. Prospective candidates are required to submit the following information in order to be considered for an endorsement. Your answers will not be made public under any circumstances and will be used for internal discussions only. Our board members have signed confidentiality statements. Please fill out the form below:

Candidate Information
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Policy and Value Statements

Are you pro-life?

Are you pro-2A?

What are your thoughts on marriage?

What are your thoughts on trans-people?

What are your thoughts on climate change?

What are your thoughts on green energy and fossil fuels?

How do you think you can make an impact on the youth vote in the GOP?

What are your policy solutions for our immigration crisis?

Do you consider yourself a hawk or a dove, and what are your thoughts on the invasions on Iraq and Afghanistan?

What are your thoughts on the war in Ukraine?

What are your policy solutions for the debt crisis?

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