President's Cabinet

Take a Seat at the Table

VIP Opportunities & Benefits

Cabinet Seat

Invite to Bi-Annual Cabinet meetings with President Donahue.


Cabinet members will be listed on our website and all convention materials.

VIP Receptions

Get exclusive discounts to VIP receptions at all CRA events.


Organizations and Candidates get access to free tabling space at the Annual CRA Convention.


Receive exclusive merch and a personalized name badge.

Convention Tickets

Cabinet members get free VIP tickets to CRA's Annual Convention.
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Students must verify their status with our team before signing up.

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$5,000 (Couples)
Includes one VIP ticket to the annual convention.

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Includes four VIP tickets to convention and free tabling space at convention.

For more information on CRA's President's Cabinet, please contact Gabe Guidarini at:

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