Recruit & Run College Republicans for Office

In an effort to increase youth input in the Republican Party, we have begun selecting College Republicans, and recent alumni, to represent us in positions of leadership. We hold that youth involvement is key to ensuring that our legislators and party officials have a sense of direction for the future of the GOP.

Several of our members are already involved with local central committees:

David Chan (left), Chairman of the California College Republicans (CCR), is the Chairman of the Alameda County GOP. William Blathras (right), Chairman of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans (WICR) and President of the UW-Madison Chapter, is the Chairman of the 76th Assembly District in Dane County.

We also have students running/already elected for city council, alderman, and state assembly seats:

Pano Frousiakis (left), a recent alumni of the UC Irvine Chapter, and former Executive Director of CCR, is a Public Works Commissioner in Huntington Beach and is currently running for city council. Kaden Crapp (right), Vice Chairman of WICR, is an elected Alderman of the City of Lancaster.

Utkarsh Jain (left), National Committeeman of CCR and Treasurer of the Alameda County GOP, and Cheyenne Kenney (right), member of the UC Berkeley chapter and Central Committee member of Alameda County GOP, are both running for State Assembly seats in California.

Help us secure the future of our country by sponsoring more College Republicans to get involved in local and state office! Please click the link below to visit our secure donation portal:

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