Fight Back Against Leftist Indoctrination

No nation can survive unless it's grounded in its own culture, history, and traditions." - Pat Buchanan

In recent years, there has been a concerning rise in leftist indoctrination and the promotion of Critical Race Theory in academic settings. Conservative students often find themselves marginalized and silenced, facing biased narratives and ideological conformity. Now, more than ever, we need your support to fight back against this stifling environment and ensure that our campuses remain spaces for robust intellectual exploration and respectful debate.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is often at the center of our country’s perceived racial reckoning, with ardent defenders presenting it as essential to our understanding of history and detractors denouncing it as racialist nonsense. CRT is an intellectual theory, based on social constructivism, that holds that race, society, and culture are constructs designed by the dominant culture or oppressor class to disadvantage outgroups, in this case, ethnic minorities. Adherents of this ideology believe that the modern West as a society is inherently racist, as are all of its institutions; the primary cause of poverty, inequity, and other systemic and individual issues is white supremacy. 

We hold that CRT and other critical theories are dangerous for a democratic society. Revisionist history taught in schools with the purpose of making our children hate our country is furthering the divide between our people. Our country will not survive unless we can return to a time when we grounded ourselves in our culture, history, and traditions.

Donate today to keep fueling our fight against radical leftist administrations that are poisoning our childrens' minds. Donations help us fund speaker events like this one above, when Stanford College Republicans and Young American's for Freedom brought Matt Walsh this year, as well as create tabling materials so our students can change hearts and minds one person at a time.

Your commitment to intellectual freedom and your contribution will directly impact the educational landscape for conservative students. Together, we can fight back against leftist indoctrination, promote critical thinking, and ensure that our college campuses remain vibrant hubs of intellectual curiosity and diverse perspectives.To contribute to our campaign and support the preservation of intellectual freedom, please click the link below to visit our secure donation portal:

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