Pepperdine College Republicans' Abortion Memorial Vandalized; School Silent

October 1, 2021
Dylan Martin

On Wednesday, September 29th, the Pepperdine College Republicans created a memorial of crosses for the lives lost to abortion since Roe v. Wade was enacted. In recent days, the memorial has been torn down and vandalized by pro-abortion students. The California College Republicans (CCR) join our Pepperdine chapter in calling for university president, Jim Gash, to condemn the vandalism of a pro-life display and the suppression of Christian voices, as well as those responsible.

On Wednesday, the Pepperdine College Republicans hung 620 crosses on Pepperdine's Freedom Wall to represent the 62 million deaths due to abortion over the last 48 years. Immediately, students began tearing down the memorial and replacing it with pro-abortion posters and notes. Yesterday, a Pepperdine freshman named Audrey Mogannam publicly confessed to vandalizing the memorial, commenting on Instagram: "U m a proud student and woman who tore the crosses. UTI willingly do it again." Another student, Andy Fest, documented himself vandalizing the display, calling it "hateful."

Pepperdine University - namely Pepperdine President Jim Gash - has remained silent on the vandalism, which potentially violates Pepperdine Student Conduct § I, Il, and XI governing respect for "the teachings of ... Christianity," "personal honor, morality, and integrity," and following local laws. Christianity promotes a pro-life view, according to scripture such as Jeremiah 1:5: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you."

"Should President Gash remain silent ... Pepperdine has strayed from its central mission and has become Christian in name only."

"Thank you to the Pepperdine CRs for advocating for the unborn. CC calls on Pepperdine University and President Jim Gash to take swift action in condemning this vandalism, silencing of free speech, violations of student conduct, and rejection of the teachings of Christianity - a core mission of Pepperdine. Should President Gash remain silent, he will only fuel concerns among students, families, faculty, alumni, and donors that Pepperdine has strayed from its central mission and has become Christian in name only. If you'd like to voice your concerns to Gash and hold Audrey Mogannam and Andy Fest accountable, join us in contacting the admin," said Will Donahue, Chairman of CCR.

You can join CC in contacting the Student Conduct office by calling (310) 506 - 4471 or emailing You can contact President Jim Gash and demand he do his job by calling (310) 506 - 4451 or emailing

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