New York and Wisconsin Host Massive Annual State Federation Meetings, Elect America-First Board Members

April 30, 2024
Dominick Buehler

The New York and Wisconsin College Republicans State Federations held blowout state conventions in April, unveiling ambitious strategies to win unprecedented gains for President Trump and the Republican Party in the upcoming 2024 election.

Wisconsin’s April 19th event hosted a series of the most America-First voices in the conservative movement, including Congressional candidates Eric Hovde and Tony Wied, as well as famous commentator Alex Bruesewitz. In total, more than 40 College Republicans from around the state and nearly two dozen influential state and national political figures gathered for the event.

The Wisconsin Federation Chair, Billy Blathras, also saw his ticket elected for its 3rd consecutive term, an unprecedented feat in the organization as well as an indication of his leadership’s popularity within the club.

The speaker lineup for the event was the most ambitious of any previous Wisconsin Federation meeting. “Eric Hovde spoke on Generation Z being the generation we are fighting for in the county, explaining how we need to get national programs and the debt in order so our generation isn’t shackled by the errors of our predecessors,” Blathras explained.

Alex Bruesewitz, an advisor to the Wisconsin College Republicans, praised the group for their political work and rapid reaction to developing events, noting how they were the first to contact him when he was considering running for Congress.

Prospective congressman Tony Wied, a proud America First candidate, also praised the Wisconsin CRs for being the first major state group to endorse his candidacy for Congress.

Brett Galaszewski, an advisor to the federation and the Vice President of Turning Point Action, closed out the night by emphasizing how vital the Wisconsin CR operations have been to the state’s 2024 “get out the vote” effort.

“The momentum gathered in Wisconsin a year ago when we founded CRA with the California College Republicans came to fruition tonight,” a jubilant Chairman Blathras explained. “By far and away this event was one of the most impressive youth events the state has seen.”

Chairman Blathras reflected on the massive increase in political activism that he and the College Republicans of America (CRA) had spearheaded. “The movement of WICRs and CRA is unstoppable, everyone sees the work we can do and how vital we are to the party,” Blathras said.

Likewise, the New York Federation of College Republicans (NYFCR) held its massive annual conference. Dozens of College Republicans, Young Republicans, and political hopefuls showed up to make connections and earn the club’s vital support. 

Shortly after brief speaking engagements, CRA’s own Communications Director, John Parker, won a unanimous vote to become Chairman. Chairman Parker said unprecedented efforts were being made to make New York, a reliably blue state, unprecedentedly competitive in 2024.

“We’re going to whip chapters into formation by having regional co-chairs coordinate and discipline their regions to produce more campaign volunteerin and to direct bigger crowds to neighboring events,” Parker explained. “We have so many big schools in the state, and we’’re going to make New York and it’s CR’s  the darling of conservative activists and speakers.”

Parker said the imminent future would see a host of new measures designed to rejuvenate the club in the leadup to election day.

“We’re going to favor funding active chapters who go out and campaign, we’re going to re-haul federation practices to be efficient and transparent, and we’re going to launch a monthly statewide newsletter summarizing our activities to current and future donors,” Parker explained.

Newly-elected NYFCR Vice Chairwoman Reissy Catu said the club, infamous for producing moderate “RINO” conservatives, was turning a new leaf.

“With me and my slate’s election, the NYFCR College Republicans solidifies its commitment to effective and pragmatic strategies in service of truly conservative political candidates, both of which are sorely lacking from the GOP,” she said. “ We look forward to serving the federation, tipping the balance in critical local and congressional races, and making good on our campaign promise tonight: save our state.”

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