Wisconsin CRA Chapter Hosts Successful 'Walk Away' Event, Why they Left the Left

April 5, 2024
Simon Siedl

The College Republicans of America chapter at the University of Wisconsin recently hosted a Walk Away event on their campus. The event was a massive success as many people from around the area went to the event to listen to the five speakers talk about their experiences. 

The Walk Away Movement, better known as the WalkAway campaign, was started by Brandon Straka, who created the project after he “walked away” or left the Democratic party, leaving as a liberal and embracing the republican party with open arms. Straka was one of the main speakers at the event, along with four other individuals who left the Democratic party like him. 

Rolf Lindgren, the Pints and Politics director for the Republican Party of Dane County, was one of the attendees listening to Straka and four other individuals speak about their experience of walking away from the Democratic party. 

He reflected on what the speakers told the large audience, including the stories of two black individuals who had a waning relationship with the Democrat party after the 2020 BLM riots. 

“They both said that they were told that they could go to BLM protests but they couldn’t go to work because of COVID. They got confused as to why they couldn’t go to normal things like a Gym but were allowed to attend a BLM rally. [This caused them to start] questioning the democratic party's COVID-related policy, especially in regards to the pandemic and the BLM protest.”

Lindgren then told the story of a Hispanic woman who started to question the official left-leaning narrative after she was told to wear a mask outside. According to her, it made no sense to do this. 

Lindgren also mentioned Strack himself, who was sitting front and center on the stage, telling his personal walkaway story. Strack said that when he was told that Trump mocked a disabled person back in 2016, he took it at face value until he found out this didn’t happen. The realization that he was lied to was what started to make him question the democrat party 

These events, along with the news media openly lying about many of these circumstances, left the speakers with no choice but to reassess their viewpoints. 

Luka, another member of the audience, looked back at how the event went, saying the event “achieved its goal of opening up a good dialogue between the panel members and the audience on the topic of American Politics.”

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