CRA Chapters Host Series of Successful Speaking Events Across the Nation!

March 26, 2024
David Buckley

Over the past few weeks, College Republicans across the country hosted a flurry of events on campus, generating massive turnout and a new wave of interest in CRA clubs.

The College Republicans at Arizona State recently hosted Arizona State Representative, Matt Gress on campus. When asked about how the success of the lecture, ASU College Republicans Vice President, Carson Carpenter said… “It was an amazing event with a lot of enthusiastic College Republicans. Our events look to connect Government directly to college individuals therefore allowing their voice to reach straight to government officials”. Carpenter went on to say… “The key issues that were discussed were school choice, homelessness and what are the solutions that we can rationally implement in order to do something about it now, not in decades going through the bureaucracy machine”.

Carpenter and the Arizona State College Republicans have been doing a fantastic job as of late with their events, and recently gained attention nationally for their endorsement of Donald Trump and Kari Lake. The group plans to host Kari Lake on their campus on April 25th.

Meanwhile, in the other corner of the countru, the Clemson College Republicans hosted U.S. Congressional candidate for South Carolina's 3rd district, Stewart Jones, on March 8th. The congressional candidate spoke on campus at length about the most salient political issues currently factin gthe nation. Trevor Tiedeman, President of the Clemson College Republicans elaborated on this.

“Stewart Jones talked to our club about the current crisis at the border and how it has affected his family personally," Tiedeman said. "His goddaughter was killed by an illegal immigrant recently, so this issue hits close to home. He is going to make it one of his top priorities if he is able to win SC’s 3rd congressional seat”. The event was very well attended, and served as a boon forJones and his candidacy.

Even further east, on March 7th, the UMass Boston College Republicans hosted New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu, to speak on their campus. Governor Sununu discussed how Republicans can start beating out Democrats in the rest of New England, despite their recent dominance in elections in the region in the last few years. Governor also had the chance to meet with UMass Boston’s Vice Chancellor, Karen R. Ferrer-Muñiz, before speaking at the event. The event was  attended by David Montenegro, President of the Babson College Republicans, and Amanda Peterson, President of the Suffolk College Republicans, along with a handful of Massachusetts Republican State Committee members. One of the members, Alex Hagerty, posted about the event on Instagram saying…”I'm so proud to see the UMBGOP so active. The Republican Party needs new generational conservative leaders to help fix Massachusetts. Keep up the awesome work, UMBGOP!”.

CRA's chapters across the nation continue to be extremely active and successful and dominate the competition.

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