Syracuse CRs Join YRs for ‘Knocktober,’ Consolidate Efforts in Fight for Central New York

November 1, 2023
Dominick Buehler

The College Republicans at Syracuse University recently joined the New York State Young Republicans in door-knocking around central New York, working tirelessly to unseat the Democrat politicians that have spent decades mismanaging the region.

The three republican candidates - Nick Paro, Lisa Dell, and Matt Cushing - are fighting an uphill battle against a hyper-partisan and motivated left. Paro, currently running for a local town council board, has his sights set on State Senate District 50 - one that Democrats held by the skin of their teeth in 2022 and is now up for grabs in 2024.

Following a brief speaking engagement, a ground effort saw dozens of Republicans come out in force for the local candidates. In Syracuse’s State Senate District 50, Republicans lost the last election by just 10 votes out of 120,000 cast; conservatives in the district believe the 2024 victory they want is well within reach.

Syracuse CR Cruz Thapa described the boots-on-the-ground approach being taken by the local Republican party. “We helped candidates with the campaign process by dropping off literature, speaking with constituents, knocking on doors, and hopefully knocking the Dems out of their chairs,” Thapa said of the event.

 “The Syracuse CRs felt good learning from the older guys and were confident once we finished the literature drops,” Thapa remarked. “Voters enthusiastically elected record numbers of Republicans across the state in 2022, and we feel 2023 will be even better.”

Having spoken to dozens of constituents, Thapa said the Republicans were becoming increasingly popular in the ‘swing suburbs’ that dominate the region electorally.

“Democrats are running solely on their spite of Republicans rather than good policy… local families want to have a chance to actually influence their children's education and safety. Democrats simply refuse to give them that.”

With the 2024 election just one year away, the pressure is on for Republicans to take victory at the local, state, and federal levels - and the College Republicans are leading the charge.

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