Cal Poly SLO Pro-Life Display Destroyed by Pro-Abortion Students; Permitted by Admin

February 7, 2022
Stan Alger

On February 1st, the Cal Poly College Republicans and their pro-life subcommittee set up a discussion table and 972 miniature pink crosses on their campus to represent the babies murdered by Planned Parenthood everyday.

Sean Senn, secretary of the Cal Poly CRs, said the demonstration was done to bring attention to the amount of death institutionalized abortion providers like Planned Parenthood causes. He explained that the event was met with backlash, counter-protests, and the destruction of their display.

"A few hours after we set up, some pro-abortion advocates began to stomp, rip, and throw away the pink crosses and steal our other pro-life signs on display," said Sean. "We remained calm as these individuals attacked us, and we called campus security to stop the destruction of our property - but they failed to care or assist us," he concluded.

Sean said another insidious act came next. Not only did the Admin do nothing to reprimand the bad actors, but they conveniently froze the College Republican club's registration status soon after the event.

Will Donahue, chairman of the California College Republicans, condemned the counter-protests and the Cal Poly SLO Admin. He described the event as a "coordinated targeting of pro-life beliefs."

"This is a disgusting attack on the pro-life movement by radical, intolerant, pro-abortion students and administrators," said Donahue. "We fully support our chapter at SLO, and the Cal Poly SLO Admin should be ashamed of themselves."

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