CRA Develops International Partnership With Italian Youth Conservative Group, Lega Giovani

November 9, 2023
Simon Siedl

College Republicans of America President Will Donahue recently traveled to Serbia to construct and facilitate partnerships with like-minded individuals worldwide. On this trip, he made a splash in international relations by signing a document that solidified a relationship with Lega Giovani, a prominent youth wing of the Italian Lega Salvini party. 

The document, which was signed by Davide Quadri, the International Secretary of Lego Giovani, and the CRA president, officiated the new relationship and went into detail about the policies that both groups fight for. 

“College Republicans of America, the largest and fastest growing College Republican organization in the United States, is proud to announce a partnership with Lega Giovani, the youth wing of the Italian Lega party." the document read.

“We’re very excited to be able to collaborate with our Italian friends in Lega Giovani. The Italians understand what it means to fight for their culture and protect their traditions.," CRA President Will Donahue told CRA News. "This partnership will give our students opportunities to collaborate and understand each others cultures, as well as share ideas on community organization and conservative foreign policy. We look forward to attending each others events and continuing to grow an international network.”

Both the College Republicans of America and Lega Giovani stand for principles of a strong national defense, patriotism, and halting mass migration into both respective nations. Our organizations strive to combat leftist globalism both in America and Europe, and this partnership is the first step towards growing an international movement aimed at preserving our traditions and restoring our cultures. 

Furthermore, the collaboration between the College Republicans of America and Lega Giovani extends to initiatives aimed at fostering cultural exchange and understanding between American and Italian youth, with a focus on preserving and celebrating our shared Western heritage. This commitment to cultural preservation is an integral part of our shared mission to safeguard the traditional values that have shaped our respective societies. 

The College Republicans of America and Lega Giovani look forward to this cooperation as both organizations strive for a deep and worthwhile partnership.”

Davide Quadri reflected on the potential of the new partnership by mentioning how great of an achievement this will be for Lega Giovani

“It's [a] great achievement for Lega Giovani, the youth branch of Lega Salvini.

We signed a partnership with the College Republicans of America, a great collegiate republican organization. Cultural exchanges, events, and initiatives to enhance our identity, on both sides of the Atlantic. Next year we will have crucial elections for our civilizations and we have to work and learn from each other to share best practices and win.”

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