CRA Hosts Successful Breakout Room at CPAC 2024, Sees over 100 Attendees

March 2, 2024
Simon Siedl

The College Republicans of America recently hosted a breakout room event at CPAC, seeing over 100 attendees across the day, including multiple speakers like EU Parliament member Harald Vilimsky, Natalie Winters from Steve Bannon’s War Room, and Joseph Proenza, the Political Director at the American Principles Project. All three had the opportunity to speak to a large crowd of young conservatives, with the event itself being a massive success for the speakers and for the CRA. 

Gabe Guidarini, the Afiliates Director for the CRA, spoke about how much effort went into this event, acknowledging how the hard work eventually paid off for everyone involved. 

“We put countless hours, wrote countless emails, and put financial resources into making sure that this was an event worth attending. Our work paid off, we had over a hundred young attendees at the breakout which blew away even our best expectations for event. It was stressful preparing for it but at the end of the day everyone really enjoyed the event and it allowed us to give folks an example of what CRA can really do.

Billy Blathras, the Vice President of Outreach, gave his appreciation to the featured speakers, as well as Gabe, who gave a moving speech to the young crowd about the importance of the upcoming election. 

“The event went flawlessly, our team of mainly Wisconsin volunteers made sure the event was smooth and went off without a hitch. Our speakers were phenomenal and Gabe Guidarini knocked it out of the park with his speech. Our guests were great and topical, speaking super eloquently and on important issues.”

Blathras also celebrated the fact that there were more than 100 people in attendance, then afterwards finalizing his remark by thanking everyone involved in attending and setting up the event.

“We had over 100 in attendance which is not a surprise for the quality of product we were delivering with this event. I’m thankful for everyone who attended and helped our event run so smoothly.” 

Celebrations continued with John Parker, the Communications Director at CRA, who mentioned the amount of media buzz surrounding the event, as well as the CRA board members in attendance who were approached by influential parties about future collaboration efforts. 

“Our board members were also approached by representatives of interested and influential parties with collaboration offers. Media was all over the event as well, including a writer for the New York Times! We couldn’t be happier with how it all worked out.”

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