Kansas CRs Volunteer For Charlie Kirk Event

April 17, 2024
Simon Siedl

The Kansas University College Republicans recently helped its local TPUSA Chapter host Charlie Kirk to speak to a large crowd of University students about a variety of political topics, overflowing the room andrepresenting a major success for the CRs and Kirk’s organization TPUSA.

The event, which was part of Kirk’s Live Free Tour, aimed to help conservative college students have a productive and genuine discussion with left-leaning students about conservative political topics, values, and principles that define a conservative student. 

Sarah Green, the incumbent President of College Republicans at KU, gleefully talked about the success of the event, saying that there were so many people that “hundreds of [them] couldn’t get in.” In addition to this, there was also a very long line of questions for Kirk that tried to challenge him on his conservative values. 

Lucas Bengfort, the current President of the same chapter, reiterated Green’s remarks, adding that “well over 1000 people show[ed] up and [they] had to unfortunately turn several individuals away because the room was at capacity.” 

Bengfort also mentioned how the event was a huge success, going into detail about what made the success of the event possible. 

“Our Turning Point chapter had many extra volunteers helping us ensure things were set up properly. We had TPUSA headquarters also doing the technical stuff behind the scenes. We had lots of security so the event was very safe. Nobody caused any issues during the event and everyone was respectful when others were talking.” 

After reflecting on the effort that Kirk’s organization put in to make this event happen, Bengfort then recalled how the event unfolded, saying that he was the one who introduced Charlie and his crew during the event, adding what Kirk specifically talked about with the young audience.

“Charlie came out and talked about various topics related to free speech, the election, small government, what it’s like being a conservative, and all of that. He then had a Q&A session after and had many questions asked.”

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