President Donahue, CRA Leadership Forge New Links with the European Right

March 18, 2024
Dominick Buehler

College Republicans of America (CRA) President Will Donahue and a small group of CRA leadership broke new ground for the American right late last month, visiting Europe and meeting with a host of Europe’s most powerful right-wing parties.

Over the course of a week, CRA leadership met with France’s National Rally, Belgium’s Flemish Interest party, representatives from Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party, and even politicians working in the European Union. The trip was the culmination of several prior collaborative efforts between CRA and its European counterpart, the Patriot Network. Throughout the week, CRA took time to meet individually with French, German, and Belgian politicians.

Held in Paris, the keynote meeting saw representatives from Europe’s largest right-wing parties join with CRA to discuss a plethora of mutual issues. Topics included the ever-worsening migration crisis and the implications of the upcoming presidential election in the United States, where former President Trump is universally dominating polls in critical states.

“Europe and America face similar problems,” said President Donahue. “Our economies have been hijacked by progressives, our immigration systems have been intentionally left broken and insecure, and our elected leaders are pitifully weak,” Donahue said. “These meetings give us the opportunity to openly talk about the issues hurting our nations and collaborate on solutions.” 

CRA’s efforts in Europe are unprecedented in the College Republican sphere. CRA’s rapidly disintegrating adversaries, the College Republicans National Committee and National Federation of College Republicans, have been all but sidelined by Europe’s right wing youth.

“No other College Republican organization is even trying to forge these connections, much less solve the crises threatening our shared civilization,” Donahue said.

Justin Holtsnider, one of the select invitees to Europe, is the Vice President of Operations for CRA and a rising star in youth politics. Holtsnider argued that foreign examples - though unique - could offer thoughtful solutions to shared problems. 

“College Republicans of America understands the importance of global conservatism and the varying perspectives on it,” Holtsnider explained. “As such, we sent executives to Europe to understand the unique and shared struggles of European conservatives, and, more importantly, the solutions they have for these issues.”

David Roland, CEO of Decorus Imperium Investment Management and close associate of Donahue’s, said Europe’s problems are deeply intertwined with America’s.

“Europe is on the brink of failure,” Roland explained. “The current immigrant population is unable to assimilate. China is taking over their supply chains and internal infrastructure. All the while, the youth are steering away from traditional infrastructure jobs.”

Roland said Europe and America’s emerging right wing hold the keys to civilizational revival. “The only hope I can presently find in Europe lies within the right wing youth who are pushing economic self reliance and preservation of national identity.”

VP Holtsnider and President Donahue left the meeting with not just a better understanding of European perspectives, but increased skill in spreading an America First message on a globalized planet.

“We live in a connected world where it has become necessary to understand how domestic and non-domestic actions affect our country and the world around us,” Holtsnider said. “We succeeded in our mission of understanding and are working diligently to take into account the vital perspectives we received.”

President Donahue alluded to increased cooperation, saying the momentous trip was the first step toward further collaboration and the offering of new solutions and ideas. 

“Myself and the rest of CRA are excited to see these relationships evolve and strengthen,” he said, “and I look forward to seeing the fruit of these meetings ripen.”

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