San-Francisco CR's Participate in Local Beach Clean-Up, Forward Project Teddy

December 26, 2023
Steve Savas

The San Francisco College Republicans recently volunteered in a beach clean-up contributing to CRA’s larger Project Teddy environmental conservation movement.

San Francisco, California is not an easy place to be a College Republican. It takes some thinking outside the basic mold to be successful, and the CRA students at San Francisco State University are up to the challenge. 

SFSU CR’s have been working on community building according to their values rather than that of the radical leftists of the city. The student explained that this is part of a larger outreach strategy which they have been working on. He shared, “We've accepted that we won't win the political battle [in the short term], so we do hearts and minds. This includes community outreach, food banks, beaches, and working with all our local GOP orgs whether the Young Republicans or CAGOP.” The student also noted that in an extremely blue area like San Francisco, they regularly have to deal with negative social interactions due to being CR members. 

One recent event, however, has been an exception, drawing positive attention. The CRA members at SFSU recently took part in a community beach clean-up. With 36 participants there they collected over ten bags of trash. This time, while picking up litter, needles, beer cans, and plastic, the students refreshingly “got a lot of fist bumps and compliments from people enjoying the beach. It was a great opportunity to connect as a club with the wider community and spread a positive message.” 

This type of direct action makes a serious impact on the quality of life in San Francisco, where democratic leadership has made clear they’re not interested in fulfilling their duty to their people.
CRA beliefs are being portrayed not just politically, but practically; as something that directly supports self-improvement, community care, fun, and a positive lifestyle. 

San Francisco is not the only CRA school participating in this type of activity but instead just one example of CRA’s national campaign on environmental conservation, Project Teddy. Named after the famous conservationist, outdoorsman, and Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, Project Teddy encourages students to not leave democrat claims of being the sole environmentally-minded party unanswered., and to make a real difference in preserving the health and beauty of their country's natural character.

You can read more about Project Teddy here: Project Teddy: Conserving Our Environment (

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