University of Arizona CRs Meet with State Rep. Cory McGarr, TP Action Latino Coalition

November 8, 2023
Dominick Buehler

The University of Arizona College Republicans recently met with local firebrand and Arizona State Representative Cory McGarr, learning about his political experience and building an important relationship with local leaders.

Commenting on the late October meeting, Arizona CR Chairman Ricky Guthridge said the young representative has a promising political future. “We loved hearing from our possible future state House whip and potential governor,” Guthridge said. “Our club enjoyed over two hours of listening to Rep. McGarr explain his experience fighting for conservative values in the state House.”

Inaugurated in January of 2023, McGarr and a fellow Republican representative were elected to represent State District 17 in the 2022 midterms. Against all odds, the two campaigned in a relatively urban, left-leaning district. Tired of poor election security, burdensome policies, and the toxic presence of private interests, McGarr and a fellow Republican ran with an unapologetically conservative message and won despite discouraging polls. So far, the representative has had one of the most conservative voting records in the state government. 

“As a former pest control company manager, Representative McGarr knows how to eliminate the pests in the desert of Phoenix,” Chairman Guthridge said of McGarr’s politics. “He is the sworn enemy of lobbyists and takes pride in ruining their bonus checks.”

Guthridge concluded his remarks with a commitment to electing more unapologetically conservative candidates with the help of the College Republicans of America. “We are ready to take the fight to his district and keep him in the state House, along with his running mates Rachel Jones and Justine Wadsack.”

The University of Arizona has been hard at work preparing the state for a red wave at all levels of government in 2024 and beyond. Having also recently met with the TP Action Latino Coalition, a key partner in the ground game for the upcoming presidential election, the University of Arizona CRs and College Republicans of America are at the forefront of coordinating and executing the Republican swing-state effort.

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