Wisconsin Lutheran CRs Host White House Press Secretarhy Kayleigh McEnany

October 10, 2023
Steven Dellinger

The College Republicans at Wisconsin Lutheran College recently teamed up with Young America’s Foundation to host former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany in a successful event with over 200 attendees.

McEnany spoke to the audience about her time as Press Secretary for the Trump Administration, and advised them on how to make their own way in media and politics. Will Caldwell, Chairman of College Republicans at Wisconsin Lutheran College, said “This past YAF event went great” and that “We will probably host another event in conjunction with YAF next semester.”

During her speech, McEnany urged students to develop their conservative worldview and be prepared to defend it and recounted her time at Georgetown, Harvard, and Oxford where pushback from liberal professors required her to gather her facts and sharpen her debate skills. She also spoke about how throughout her career she has relied on faith and family and how both these have enabled her to successfully be balance being a loving mother first, while also being a working woman.

McEnany then took questions ranging from career advice to national political strategy. She advised students to take every internship they can get, and that the connections made and opportunities gained by simply being in the room will last throughout their careers.The event, hosted on campus at the Wisconsin Lutheran College Center for Arts and Performing, was open to the public. 

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