California College Republicans Deploy in CD-47 Testing New Turning Point Action App

November 27, 2023
Steve Savas

Recently, College Republicans of America students in California participated in the test of the new Turning POint Action campaign app in anticipation for the upcoming 2024 campaigns.

CRA students used it to practice door knocking, one of the most popular strategies for getting local engagement, and experienced it's benefits firsthand. Contrasting to other popular methods to complete for the same task, the app is much faster and more efficient,eliminating the need for workers to go behind the scenes anymore to cut walk books.

The new technology developed here allows a volunteers to go to a starting point in a neighborhood, where, upon arrival, the app will automatically generate the fifteen closest houses that the campaign is trying to target for them.

This represents a quantum leap in efficiency, and makes a previously tedious task much more straightforward. Door knocking veterans will be able to hit more doors than before., and it will be easier to get newvolunteers involved by making the task more approachable. Other features of the app include a news feed on the opening page. 

Our students in the southern region of the California College Republicans used this new app to raise attention about local issues in Costa Mesa, as a beta test. They reported that the test went smoothly and they were impressed by the creative features.

The regional chair stated, “We had a great time around the city today and the app worked much better than ‘CampaignSidekick’, I think that the app will help us do a lot of great work going forward.”

The app is currently called “We Are Costa Mesa” and was developed by Turning Point, who own exclusive rights to the technology. Turning Point is an organization highly involved in grassroots coordinating for conservative politicians and issues, and has a relationship with CRA, making this development exciting for many, and a significant tool in helping the GOP win in 2024!

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