California CRA Chapters Host Christmas Toy Drive

December 19, 2023
Simon Siedl

The CRA chapters in California recently held a Christmas toy drive for the local youth of Orange County, with the event having a profound impact on the community and for the kids just in time for the holidays. 

The toy drive comes amidst rising costs for the average family, thanks to Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom’s handling of the country and the state, which has made it more difficult for families to afford the goods and services that they need for their livelihoods. Our CRs in Southern California, however, stepped in, volunteering to help organize and run the regional charity function.

One California College Republican spokesman commented on the recent drive, talking about the profound impact the successful event had on the community. 

“The toy drive was very successful, and we were very happy to see the SoCal community come together to donate to Toys for Tots and bring some joy to underprivileged children this season. Even our own CRs joined and donated many of the toys themselves. Actions like these help us center ourselves on what’s truly important and teach our members and those around us the value of service and giving back to the community. Not only are we fostering a place for CRs to learn about politics and make friends, but we give them a chance to grow into kind, well-rounded community leaders.”

David Chan, the current chairman of the California College GOP, and the chairman of the Alameda County Republican Party, also commented on the toy drive, going into detail on how they put smiles on the faces of 100 children. 

“The Christmas Toy Drive was an incredible success— through our generous College Republican chapters, we were able to put a smile on countless children by donating enough toys for 100 children! We’re hoping to turn this into a yearly tradition through the California College Republicans and hope that we’ll have an even greater amount next year. I also want to extend my gratitude to the OCGOP for allowing us to use their headquarters for this event and looking forward to continuing to work in collaboration with the Republican Party.”

CRA is happy to see the impact it’s already having, not just in politics, but in communities, and looks forward to scaling up its efforts in the future.

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