CRA's St Thomas CRs Host Steve Forbes in Massively Successful Event

February 26, 2024
Simon Siedl

The St. Thomas College Republicans made waves Monday night when they invited Steve Forbes onto their campus to talk about how conservative economics, not government, made America great. 

Steve Forbes, a former Republican primary candidate and editor-in-chief at Forbes magazine, came to speak at the college even though the political division between liberals and conservatives is more extreme than in recent memory. Even with the current political climate, more than 150 people still came to the event, which St. Thomas CR publicist Sebastian Stoss declared their “biggest and best event [they] ever had.” Stoss also went into detail about the challenges his club faced as they were setting this event up. 

“After months of preparation and planning, we finally hosted Steve Forbes on campus to talk about how Conservative economics, not government, made America great. Our club has been trying to host a national-level speaker for some time, and it was very challenging to not only find a high-profile speaker who would come to our campus but also one that the university would approve of. Therefore, we were very fortunate to have Mr. Forbes speak on Monday. The event was our biggest and best we've ever had - over 150 people turned up. We also had other College Republicans come from St. Olaf and River Falls. It was truly a night to remember!”

Nisha Kimber, the president of the St. Thomas chapter also chimed in about the success of their event, as well as the wide variety of people that showed up. 

“This event was a huge success and the biggest event our club has planned! YAF was instrumental in making this event a reality, and we worked with them for months to solidify details. Over 150 attendees consisting of UST club members, business students, economics students, professors, UW River Falls and St. Olaf students, parents, and friends joined us for a pro-free-market, pro-capitalism, conservative message. The event sparked interest in the club and boosted the image of conservatives around campus.”

Kimber then gave thanks to God for working out the event and gave appreciation for all that were involved for the setting up and execution of the event. 

“I am grateful for Mr. Forbes for flying out to Minnesota; YAF for their time and support; my board members for their hard work; and God for helping every detail work out. We had a wonderful time hosting Steve Forbes on Monday!”

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