Political Director Flemming Makes the Fourth CRA Exec to Meet President Trump

February 7, 2024
Simon Siedl

Chris Flemming, the political director of the College Republicans of America, was the most recent executive board member to meet President Trump face to face. 

Flemming joins the ranks of his fellow board members as the fourth member to meet President Trump in person. This comes after the College Republicans of America recently endorsed President Trump for his reelection bid and got to work ensuring the President secures his nomination and, eventually, the Presidency.

The dedication of CRA members has been seen in Iowa, where members made over 50 thousand calls to ensure Trump wins the primary. It also has been seen in New Hampshire, where members flew in from multiple states to ensure a Trump victory occurred in the Granite State. 

Previous College Republicans of America board members that have individually met Trump include founder and President Will Donahue, Outreach Director Billy Blathras, and former Outreach Director Jack Anderson.

When Flemming reflected on his experience meeting President Trump, he explained how he got the photo. 

“I was in New Hampshire interning for the campaign. [During this], I met Trump backstage before the Atkinson rally.”

Just like in Iowa, CRA members were on the ground during the New Hampshire primary working to help president Trump win, hastening unity within the GOP to beat Joe Biden.

It was during this backstage moment that Flemming was able to get the photo with the President. Although their meeting was brief, the experience was something to not forget. Many people who have taken photos with President Trump in the past have expressed a feeling of shock and awe, and they continue by saying that the former president has a sort of presence when you are around him. 

The same night, Trump dominated his nearest competitor, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, by over ten points. Experts previously claimed that Trump only had a lead in the single digits in some polls, however, with the only competitor being Haley, he race won by a much larger-than-expected margin. 

The consistent work of all the board members of the CRA is worth noting. In less than a year since the College Republicans of America was established, they have had an impressive amount of individual board members get a one-on-one meeting and photo with the former President. No other College Republican organization can say they grew as fast as the CRA in their first year nor can any other college republican organization claim to be the fastest-growing college republican organization in the US. 

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