College Republicans in Wisconsin and Florida Work with Turning Point Action to Register Voters

December 12, 2023
Simon Siedl

College Republican chapters in Wisconsin and Florida recently worked with Turning Point Action to help register voters ahead of the 2024 election. 

“College Republicans across Wisconsin have been using Turning Point Action to assist in voter registration to a great deal of success.” Billy Blathras, the current state chairman of the Wisconsin CRs and the President of the CR chapter at UW Madison, told CR News.

Turning Point Action is an organization founded by Charlie Kirk during the Trump presidency, that strives to empower people throughout the nation to engage in grassroots activism and emerge as leaders in their communities. The Turning Point Action website also gives a step-by-step guide on how to get involved. Their list of steps begins with registering to vote,  becoming a precinct leader, downloading the Turning Point Action app, attending one of their events, and helping chase the vote, as our CRA Chapters did.

The TPUSA Site also stresses the importance of this involvement.

“Through methods such as becoming a Precinct Leader, registering voters, supporting local elections, and running for office–every American plays a critical role in preserving our great country and TPAction is leading the charge.”

Blathras also elaborated on the importance of the growing partnership between TP Action and the College Republicans of America for 2024.

“The partnership that exists between our TP Action officials and representatives and our College Republican chairs is invaluable in the effort to take back our state in the 2024 election. Being one of, if not, the most important state in the next cycle, it is crucial that we continue the success we have with TP Action through the next eleven months.” 

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