CRA Honors Trump Endorsement, Floods Iowa With Volunteers and Assists Trump Victory

January 17, 2024
Dominick Buehler

The end of the Iowa caucus and President Trump’s overwhelming victory marks a watershed moment for the College Republicans of America (CRA) after its official endorsement of Trump last week.

In the days after the exclusive endorsement announcement in the Post Millennial, CRA President Will Donahue spoke further on the move on flagship conservative shows Steve Bannon’s ‘War Room’ and Jack Posobiec’s ‘Human Events.’ Donahue used the platforms to declare unequivocal College Republican support of the 45th  just before the consequential Iowa caucus citing the attempted removal of the former president from state ballots and the necessity for Republican unity in the face of his inevitable primary victory.

“I’m honored to have been able to give the College Republicans a voice on Jack Posobiec’s Human Events and Steve Bannon’s War Room,” President Donahue told CR News. “On both shows, I promised to break with the precedent set by my neoconservative predecessors, and give President Trump the full support of the College Republicans during and after the primary season.”

As the CRA President was wrapping up his appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room, CRA teams were executing their last day on the ground in Iowa on January 15th: caucus day. Facing historically cold weather, nearly 50 College Republicans made historic contributions to the Trump campaign, reaching out to tens of thousands of prospective Iowan voters, totaling nearly 50,000 calls by the caucuses close. By the end of the night, jubilation filled the air among the CRA teams; their efforts had helped President Trump win the first primary state by a commanding 30-point lead over the runner-up Ron DeSantis.

CRA Members From Wisconsin at Iowa Caucus

“The College Republicans of America was the largest student and youth group present in the state. Our members were ecstatic to be able to have some influence over the Caucus, speaking to nearly 50,000 Iowans on the phone and in their homes,” President Donahue said of the massive Iowa victory. “Our generation is more motivated and more active than the conservative students of the past, and our extraordinary performance in Iowa proves this.”

Donahue said that the massive effort and inspiring victory in Iowa was just the beginning of their work for President Trump on his mission to beat Joe Biden and reclaim the White House.

“CRA is eager to carry this momentum into even bigger victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and beyond,” he said. “I congratulate President Trump on his overwhelming victory, and we will continue in our efforts to bolster the President’s grassroots success.”

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