Wisconsin CRA Member Runs for State Assembly

May 8, 2024

A rising star in College Republicans of America is running for office in Wisconsin. Hailing from IW-River Falls, Brady Penfield announced his run for the 28th assembly district at the Wisconsin College Republicans (WICRs) State Convention.  

In his speech, Brady stressed the importance of young conservatives becoming politically involved beyond voting. “Youthfulness is a source of wealth, and no matter who you talk to everybody loves seeing young people get involved in politics. The more young people that decide to run for office, the more our peers will see this in the media. That is all it takes to inspire the next generation of politicians and statesmen. Our founding fathers were the same age as we are now when they created the greatest nation to ever exist on Earth by founding it on Christian principles. Gen Z must get involved.”

Brady created the IW-River Falls College Republicans in the Fall of 2023. The club quickly cultivated a network of conservative students and professors, elevating the presence of conservative ideas on campus.  As Chairman, Brady has helped to actively involve young conservatives in the world of politics. The UW-River Falls CRs brought five members out to the Iowa caucus for Trump. Several River Falls CRs have been connected with lobbying opportunities in Madison thanks to Brady’s leadership. UW-River Falls College Republicans have also built a strong network with St. Croix, Pierce, and other County Republican Parties. At Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District caucus, the UW-River Falls College Republicans won the award for best College Republicans Club. Many of these relationships have become instrumental to the Republican Party of Wisconsin and the College Republican network in Wisconsin.  

Over a dozen assembly districts were left vacant due to successful gerrymandering efforts by Wisconsin Democrats and Governor Tony Evers, including the 28th Assembly District, a neighbor to River Falls and Brady’s base of operations for his conservative ventures. Because of River Falls CRs, the Penfield campaign has already made a significant name for itself amongst the top conservatives within the district.

“He has knocked more doors, attended more events, raised more money, and collected more signatures than anyone else on the campaign.” said Nick Jacobs, a lead on the Penfield campaign and fellow CRA member, about Brady’s dedication. “He wants to see the people, and everywhere we go, the people want to see him. It’s a contested primary, but nobody else has this much energy.”

In his concluding remarks at the WICRs convention, Brady said, “Our laws, institutions, and culture have been infused with Christian principles since the beginning and now they are under attack. We cannot be complacent and let this happen. Unfortunately, many of our own conservative politicians do not even represent the proper interests of Republicans or the principles of our God.”  

Brady understands the significance of this moment in American politics. For all of this, The College Republicans of America proudly endorse Brady Penfield for Wisconsin’s 28th Assembly District!

To learn more about Brady’s background, mission, and endorsements check out bradypenfield28.com.

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