CRA Volunteers Finish Strong on the Day of Iowa Caucus with 50,000 Calls, Meet Multiple GOP Stars

January 15, 2024
Simon Siedl

The College Republicans of America have been active supporting President Trump all day managing to help secure his victory at the Iowa Caucus.

Trevor Tiedeman, The South Carolina National Committeeman and Clemson University CR told CRA about the many events he and his fellow CRs experienced today. 

“While phone banking this morning we met Congressmen Jim Jordan, Byron Donalds, and Matt Gaetz. We are currently putting signs out near caucus locations in anticipation of tonight’s caucuses.”

The Wisconsin College Republicans official X account was quoted by Matt Gaetz himself, declaring to his two million followers “Great volunteers. Great energy.” This was in response to a post on X from the Wisconsin CRs celebrating how they personally met Matt Gaetz at the Trump HQ in Des Moines. The CRs then wrote how they were “ready for the final push to [victory] tonight”. 

In addition to the surprise visits, many CRA members showed their energy and battled the cold temperatures and wind to place Trump signs in deep snow.   

Along with the events in Iowa, CRA members were conducting phone calls for today’s caucus many miles away. 

Ricky Guthridge, the CRA Arizona National Committeeman went into detail about how they were helping the President get more support for the Iowa Caucus in Arizona as well . 

“Since Saturday morning volunteers have mobilized to make 1000 calls for President Trump. We have invited many of our new members we have recruited from tabling this semester and got them mobilized and activated.”

CRA President Will Donahue surmised the impact of the organization over the weekend during his interview on Steve Bannon’s war room, reporting roughly “fifty thousand calls” over the course of the weekend as part of phone banking efforts, which helped secure the win for President Trump.

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