Embry-Riddle CR's Win University's "Outstanding New Organization" Award

December 22, 2023
Dominick Buehler

The Embry-Riddle College Republicans (ERCR) were rewarded for outstanding efforts earlier this month, winning the “Outstanding New Organization” award from their university. The award, which is given to only the most influential new organization on campus, reflects extraordinary effort. The club, which was operating in its first-ever semester, recruited nearly 40 members and set about completing one of the most ambitious semester plans in the country.

Hitting the ground running, in just one semester of operation, Embry-Riddle has manage to bring a speaker to nearly all of their weekly meetings. The club invited guests from the local, county, and state levels, even managing to bring Arizona Republican Party Chair Jeff DeWit. 

Embry-Riddle even made time to give back to the community, collectively spending dozens of hours volunteering for U.S.VETS, an organization dedicated to ending veteran homelessness in Prescott.

“It was noted by the Student Government’s President Grace Brown that the Embry Riddle College Republicans had an immensely positive impact on the Prescott community through our interactions with various Republican clubs and through our community service work with the local US Vets organization,” club President Anna McLaughlin said of the awards event.

McLaughlin said the club met every single one of its founding goals under her leadership: intellectual growth, selfless devotion to community service, and fearless commitment to sharing conservative ideas on and off campus.

Raising the standard for College Republicans across the country, McLaughlin said her club had another ambitious semester rapidly approaching.

“Myself and the other officers of the club are looking forward to an exceptional spring semester of the Embry-Riddle College Republicans, by growing our membership and hosting even more influential guest speakers,” she said.

With chapters like Embry-Riddle operating across the country, the College Republicans of America are leading the youth effort to win in 2024. Learn more about our relentless work here.

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