Syracuse CR’s and CRA Crush Leftist Attempts at Derailing, Canceling Sara Stockton Event

December 1, 2023
Dominick Buehler

The College Republicans at Syracuse University (CRSU) smashed expectations and left-wing resistance earlier this week, following through with the invitation of gender therapist-turned-skeptic Sara Stockton to campus. 

Even despite a forceful relocation across town; a 1,500-signatory petition to silence the event; a rejection of funding by student government; a mandated audience limitation to only students, staff, and faculty; a mob of protestors berating all potential attendees, and relentless smear efforts led by student media and activists; the Stockton event saw an audience of nearly 200 across the in-person event and its online livestream. 

But the CRs weren’t the only ones faced with heavy resistance. In the days leading up to the event, Mrs. Stockton was slandered by graduate school faculty and students, many of whom were her co-workers. 

Even more seriously, Mrs. Stockton was flatly fired by one of her employers, Helio Health, as the day of her speech approached, an act so scandalous that even clinical psychologist a global public figure Dr. Jordan Peterson took notice.

Regardless, Mrs. Stockton boldly persevered. As Stockton prepared to give her remarks, dozens of protesters flanked the entrance to the off-campus building. Accompanying chants of “Protect trans kid” and “Eff You S.U,” protesters hurled a series of unfounded accusations at Stockton, calling her bigot, a “transphobe,” and “hateful.” One poster carried by protesters even bore a picture of Mrs. Stockton with cartoonish, devil-looking horns.

Interviews with the protesters show radical support for censorship - even for a moderate figure like Mrs.Stockton.

"There is no one I care more about than gender nonconforming kids—these are kids who were similar to me and who I am extremely protective of….I know and care about dysphoric young people, and this [transition] is the lowest level of problem-solving if we can’t find a way to help children other than straight to medicalization." Mrs. Stockton told Syracuse CRs.

Regardless, protestors went as far as to call her act of speech “dangerous” to “life threatening.”

 “We cannot stand for the fact that Sara wants to spread hateful and hurtful messages about the trans community when it’s a community that’s already struggling so much and is so marginalized,” one student told the local student paper.

“Myself and obviously plenty of other community members are just disgusted that Syracuse wants to put profit and appearances ahead of the safety of their students and their community members,” said another. 

The College Republicans were not reached for comment.

The event began with a lecture on the short history of gender ideology, its expansion into mainstream academia in the 70s, and its proliferation among American youth in the last half-decade. 

Stockton also revealed the feeling of fear that’s captivated medical professionals all over the world. According to Stockton, they’re afraid to question current, non-thorough gender therapy assessment protocols and the concerning evidence that social contagion, narcissistic parents, autogynephilia, and autism might play a role in the modern spike in gender dysphoric youth.

She finished her lecture by insisting the issue requires more community involvement, caution, and frank conversation, even as protestors outside screamed to silence her.

During Q and A, a former Syracuse student and decade-old former client of Stockton, named Hunter Kusak - now a Drag King and substitute teacher in the Syracuse area  - explained their opinion on child transitioning and asked Stockton “Does hormone replacement therapy reduce suicide rates?” Stockton replied that the studies indicating such a relationship were merely correlational, not causal. 

She explained due to many issues with such studies; like the lack of randomization, small data sets, and their self-reported and short-term nature, they should not be given too much weight. At the very least, Stockton said, the data wasn’t reliable enough to put children on puberty blockers, which she said nigh-invariably leads to artificial hormone treatment.

Unsatisfied with the answer given by Stockton, Kusak would later attempt to use the mic to go on a personal tirade against the gender ideology skeptic. 

Despite the indecent behavior and childish attacks, high engagement among viewers kept the event running smoothly. Both in-person and online, several people who agreed and disagreed with Stockton had the unique opportunity to ask her difficult questions and receive nuanced answers. 

 “You being here shows that there are some in our generation who are actually intellectually curious. It shows that there are some that have a respect for free discourse and are not cowed by social pressure.” Chairman John Parker said in his opening speech, thanking the audience.

Parker went on to declare that the campus resistance has had the opposite of its intended effect and that the Syracuse CRs will continue hosting events on campus.

“The storm we’ve weathered to make this event happen, it has not discouraged us. It has just fueled our passion to continue to promote free discussion and to promote truth, as the storm we’ve gone through has done nothing but show us how much that sort of thing is desperately needed.”

A recording of the event can be found on the CRSU YouTube channel.

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