UMass Boston College Republicans host Scott Brown

November 4, 2023
Simon Siedl

The College Republican chapter in UMass Boston recently had former Republican Senator Scott Brown come to their campus and engage with many students and discuss his life and career.

In the event hosted by the CRA chapter, the former senator talked about his victory in the 2010 Massachusetts senate race where he defied the odds and was elected as the first Republican senator in the state since 1973. David Buckley, the current President of the College Republican chapter, went  into detail about the success of the event. 

“[O]ur event went [very] well as Senator Brown was able to engage with a lot of students as well as campus police. Scott talked about [his] miraculous victory in the 2010 Massachusetts senate race where he was the first Republican elected U.S. senator in [the state] since 1973. Senator Brown was a blast to be with as he took many questions from the audience and took pictures with attendees following the event.”

Buckley also told CR News how Senator Scott broke down his strategy for winning the senate seat. 

“[Senator Brown told us that] he engaged with the community even in areas of south Boston that were typically Democrat and the longer he campaigned in those areas, the more he saw people go from ‘flipping the bird to giving thumbs up’ whenever they saw him. He basically engaged with the community, while the democrats didn’t compete because they felt like ‘it should be their seat regardless.’ Their ego got the best of them”

Senator Brown won his seat against former attorney general Martha Coakley by a slim 4.7% making this race truly extraordinary. This race came about after the death of the Longtime Senator Ted Kennedy. 

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